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Scott Edward Smith brings you up close and personal journeys with

Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Wallis Simpson and more of your favorite historical and screen icons in these intimate, one person

performances of fictionalized audio dramas.

Now you are invited.

Scott Edward Smith, writer, audio drama, historical fiction, theatre podcast

Available for Commission Work & Creative Coaching

Intimate Fame is his most ambitious project to date.

The creating of 10 individual one-person stories per year.

Scott’s professional life journey, encompassing a wide spectrum of the creative field, has made him valuable to writers, actors, directors, and producers.

As a writer, he is experienced in historical plays and limited series, solo performance work, novel to screen adaptation, episodic television, and original dramas reimagining iconic voices of the past. 

His background in “behind the scenes” as stage manager, company manager and producer offers him a wealth of knowledge concerning budgets, deadlines, collaborations, gun-for hire, actor showcase material, and becoming a curator of original stories in want of transformation from novel, short story, and theater to screen.

For more information regarding Commission Work or Creative Coaching, please contact Scott directly.

For more information regarding Scott's writing, please visit

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