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"Whatever the truth, you’ve got to live fast."


James Dean

The day an icon was created. The day an icon died.  They say, “In a heartbeat... your life can flash in front of you."  James Dean did not believe that.  Until 5:44 p.m. 9-30-55.  A day. An hour. A minute. A second. James Dean’s life flashed in front of him in a heartbeat.  We all have a lot more to remember than we think.

Written by Scott Edward Smith

Performed by Casey Hawkes

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9-30-55Episode 1: "Road To Salinas"
00:00 / 31:35
9-30-55Episode 2: "Billy The Kidd"
00:00 / 27:03
9-30-55Episode 3: "The Little Prince"
00:00 / 22:49

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Casey Hawkes

James Dean

Casey Hawkes is a seasoned performer with a passion for acting that began at LACHSA. However, it was John Dapolito's masterclasses that truly honed his craft and paved the way for his professional career. Along with his impressive acting skills, Casey is also experienced in stage combat, thanks to his background in gymnastics, freerunning and climbing. 
While Casey has a diverse performance background, this is his first time lending only his voice to a project. Casey’s previous credits include Godspell, Les Misérables and Our Lady of 121st St. Despite his success on stage and screen, Casey remains committed to his craft and is always seeking new ways to challenge himself.

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Scott Edward Smith

Creator, Writer, Producer

Scott’s career began with production work on Broadway, National Tours, and Las Vegas.  A former Story Editor for Dino DeLaurentis, Scott began his writing career with the 1987 television series, ‘21 Jumpstreet.’ His adapted play, ‘Buddies,’ premiered in Los Angeles. His one-woman play, "That Woman!" had its world premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Scott created and produced the talk radio show Dr. G: Engaging Minds for KABC, and the spinoff TV version on BEOND.TV. He is Co-Author of the book, "Reel People: Finding Ourselves in the Movies".

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